Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hidden Treasure

Darren has taken 2 weeks off while I am home recovering from my surgery. He is taking advantage of the spare time by tackling our clutter around the house. One of the rooms that needed a lot of help was the laundry room.

If not for the fact that there is a washer and dryer in there, our laundry room could pass as a small bedroom. It even has a small walk in closet, which up until yesterday, I completely forgot about. Through Darren's hard work in the laundry room... it opened up path to the closet which we haven't been in for at least 2 years. I decided to move out the old crap that was in there, and had Darren move all my storage boxes in my sewing room to that closet. I think it is a perfect solution to my over stuffed hobby room. Although the rooms couldn't be further apart. The fact that all my projects are not cluttering up my work space is much easier.

Having all the sewing projects out of the hobby room closet leaves me more space to store my scrapbooking stuff, in the closet rather than on my scrapbook desk. I am hoping to get 2 matching desks for my hobby room that will be much nicer than the heavy looking hand -me-down desks that are currently in there now.

Friday, February 22, 2008

A sad reality

Unlike my scrapbooking supply philosophy, which is "If I don't have it, I should get it" My sewing/quilting/knitting purchases couldn't be more different. If I find something that I like... I will create a project... buy all the stuff, and then store them until I am ready to make them...the result of which is in the photo above. The unfortunate part is that there are MORE boxes than those shown, and some of the boxes contain more than one project.
As I was "organizing" my hobby room this evening it hit me...This is no longer a room to scrapbook, sew, quilt or knit...... but it is a STORAGE room for all things scrabooking, quilting, sewing or knitting! I cannot possible part with it though, and I think that I have come up with a different solution that I will blog about it in next couple of days.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You should see the other guy!

Okay.... the other guy is my eye surgeon... and no, he doesn't have a black eye. I had my long awaited lens implant surgery on my left eye yesterday. Despite how it looks, it went really well.

I was actually awake for the whole procedure, which took a whopping 15 minutes. I wasn't really cool with the idea of being awake, but it wasn't really that bad. The nice thing was not having to get over having anesthetic, and the groggyness that comes after it.

Why the black eye? not too sure, but I remember him giving me a shot during the procedure, and then saying that I would have a black eye the next day. My vision is somewhat distorted because of the stitch that was put in, but that will be gone when I have the stitch(s) removed next week. For now. I just keep having the wipe away the tears that comes from the light sensitivity that I am having. Hopefully this will clear up pretty quick, and I should be back to normal in a few weeks... to do it all over again in April for the right eye.... hopefully sans the black eye.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I hit a dog.

.... and he is okay!

Last night Darren and I were on our way to meet some friends for dinner. On our way we had almost been clipped by a big white van that cut us off, and then had to swerve out out of the way to avoid hitting a guy wearing black crossing in the middle of the road. All of this happened within a very short period of time, so Darren said "maybe these are signs that we weren't meant to go to dinner" .... and just after he said that, is when the dog ran out in front of me.

He is a big German Sheppard, and I thought I killed him. When we stopped to see what happened Darren wouldn't let me out the car because he knew that I would not what to see a dead dog on the road. I am in the car freaking out, then I heard Darren talking to someone. I got out of the car, to look at a dog laying on the road.... but there was nothing there. The guy that Darren was talking to was a roomate of the dogs owner. Apparently this was the second time that day that the dog had got out. We went to their house and there was the dog sitting in the front window looking at us. The Dogs owner came out and said that the dog seemed okay but had some blood in his mouth. It wasn't until he saw our bumper that he decided to take the dog to the Vet hospital.

I called this morning to check on him, and it looks like the blood in his mouth is from where he bit his tongue, and he has a fractured front leg :( I am so surprised that it wasn't worse.

I think when I saw him in my headlights, I must have swerved to avoid him and that is why he hit the side of my bumper... otherwise I would have driven right over him.