Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lights, Camera,....Action!

Kind of an exciting day today. I showed up to work, and the front of the store was covered with a movie crew. We knew that they were going to be filming on the street today, but we had no idea the majority of thier "stuff" was going to be laid out in front of the store. Late this evening they were doing some scenes in front of the store, so they totally decked it out in Christmas decorations. Since the store was in the scenes this evening we got to hang out in the background. and because it was late there really wasn't any other on lookers. They even let us sit in the director chairs for a couple of pictures. All in all a pretty cool experience, considering it doesn't happen everyday. I was really excited for the kids, because they thought that this was pretty cool. Jordan loves acting, and wants to be in the film industry both in front, and behind the camera, so he was REALLY excited to see how it all happens. I believe it is a TV movie called The Mrs. Claus (??) starring Lea Thompson. She is the actress that played Marty McFly's mom in Back To the Future! After they were finished filming the scenes she was very kind and stopped to take a picture with us.