Thursday, April 24, 2008

One small step

Here is the current state of the main bathroom in our house. I am ashamed to admit that it has looked just like this for the past THREE years, wilh the exception of the new tub which was placed in the middle of the floor about 5 months ago!

I am happy to report that after several false starts in the past few years it looks like we really are going to finish it this time. So here you have it... the official "before" picture! I spent my days off this weekend helping my dad with the plumbing which was a huge hassle, since the new tub is wider and taller than the previous one.

I have had all the fixtures and fittings, floor tiles ect... for the past years! I just never bought any tile to go around the tub. I will have to choose that next week... we originally were going to do everything "ourselves" with lots of help from my dad (you can see how well that worked) but for the sake of "getting it done" I am going to hire someone to install the tiles around the tub and on the floor. I hope to have an "after photo" within the next 2 months!