Friday, February 6, 2009

An Omen?

This is Stuart

This is our couch

This is what Stuart has done to our couch

This is the new couch

This is the name of the new couch... Does anyone else find this funny?

I have been soooo embarrassed with the state of our old couch, but given what Stuart (aka "Mr. wreakin' stuff") has done to it, we have been hesitant to replace it.

As I was touring Costo this evening, I came across this great couch which was the perfect colour, the perfect shape, and the perfect price! My Dad came down and helped me bring it home. It wasn't until we had it packed in the van, that I saw the name on it. My initial thought was, "ha ha that's funny"... then as the irony of it sunk in, I thought..."OMG! What have I done?"


Celeste said...

That is WAY funny! I hope it means he'll be NICE to it not destroy it!

pink pool noodle said...

For the time being we have left the old couch in the same room, so that it isn't a big change for them. Thankfully none of the cats are going near the new one. So it should be okay. We have leather furniture upstairs, and they don't touch that, so I am crossing my fingers that is should be okay. I think that he just likes the feel of stretching his claws through the upholstry... I just wish that he would have done that on the 2 scratching posts that we put right next to the old couch instead.

Nicole *Ü* said...

Oh my gosh. That is SOOOO funny!!! I would have come unglued if our cat had done that, which is probably the reason we have an outdoor cat. LOL